NAC Investments GmbH services include all functions of successful portfolio management.

Transaction support
Every real estate investment has far reaching consequences. Success depends on the property itself, but the right cooperation partners play an important role as well. This ensures effective property reviews as well as binding cooperation partners with adequate contracts.

Portfolio management
Every real estate portfolio requires a target-oriented reporting system in order to efficiently assess options and react to developments on the market. The goal is to always be able to make the right decisions promptly.

Real estate management
The tenants are the property owners’ partners. Tenants ensure the economic success of a property. However, the property also enables the economic success of the tenant. We aim towards achieving a win-win situation for owners and tenants. This is a daily challenge that can only be met by prompt and competent management. These everyday decisions are made in cooperation with our administrative cooperation partners. Economic and technical risks must be recognised early on and alleviated with adequate measures.


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